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Mild Alkaline-Based
Powder A/C Coil Cleaner



Usage of strong acid/strong alkaline based detergents will risk

both service workers & equipment. 

Abuyutori is a safe alternative from strong detergent.

More and more companies overseas are adopting Abuyutori,
a safe & eco-friendly air conditioner cleaning detergent.



Clean Perfectly!




No damage to the Air Conditioners

Substance does not harm aluminium fin, copper & plastic parts. No need for neutralizer.
Decompose oil (grease), dust from fin.
Making it easy to washed away with low pressure water.
Low pressure water reduce damage (bend) to aluminum fin, keeping A/C performance high.

Eco Friendly & Safe

No need for neutralizer, safety gloves & expensive high pressure jet cleaner.
Easy application can reduce both labor & tool cost.

Great work efficiency

Collected sewage will naturally decompose. Treatment (neutralizaer) not required before discharging.
Environmentally friendly. No irritating smell. Very kind to skins.

High detergency

Especially effective to oil (grease), tobacco stain, dirt & mold.
Also, has antibacterial effect.

Export transportation advantage

International Classification: Non-hazardous material (Aviation & Marine).



We are seeking for distributor in Hongkong, Taiwan,

Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia

Free trial available for above countries.

​Please fill in the below form & send if you interest.




Mild Alkaline-Based
Powder A/C Coil Cleaner
with a measurement spoon
HC-902-500(500g) / JPY4,200
​HC-902-1000(1kg) / JPY7,000


Product name: ABUYUTORI

pH: Mild-Alkaline

Ingredient: Nonionic surfactant, Carbonate, Carbonate hydrogen peroxide, Organic chelator EDTA

Country of origin: Japan

Type of detergent: Powder

Spray Washing
Required equipment for per A/C split unit:
● Spray bottle or poly garden spray filled with 1 liters of water
● Low pressure A/C Cleaner (about 5 litters of water)
● Washing bag & Sewage collecting bucket
● Curing film
● ABUTORI 15g-30g( measuring spoon applied )
1. Apply 15g (1/2 spoon) of ABUYUTORI to spray bottle filled with 1 liter of water and mix them well.
    If the air conditioner is very dirty, apply 30g (1 full spoon).
2. Protect all electrical component with curing film to avoid water entrance. Then apply washing bag to A/C unit.
3. Spray all full bottle ( 1 liter ) to aluminum fin & fan. If rinsing is insufficient, there is a case of white spots found from
4. Rinse well with plenty of water using low pressure A/C Cleaner. remaining detergent.

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