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Powder A/C Coil Cleaner


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with a measurement spoon
HC-902-500(500g) / JPY4,200
​HC-902-1000(1kg) / JPY7,000


Mild alkaline-based AC coil cleaner. Neutralizer not needed.  


You can use just mix with water, and Sprayer.


Abuyutri does not damage AC coils and save the life of the machine.


Remove Grease Stains

Gentle for skin

Neutralizer free


ー Removing dirt and grease with oxy power.

ー Anti mold & Bacteria

ー Neutralizer free make save cost.

ー No unpleasant odor & Gentle for skin, nose.

ー Wastewater decomposes naturally.


Product name: ABUYUTORI

Ph: Mild-Alkaline

Ingredient: Nonionic surfactant, Carbonate, Carbonate hydrogen peroxide, Organic chelator EDTA

Country of origin: Japan

Type of detergent: Powder

Spray Washing
Required equipment for per AC split unit:
● Spray bottle or poly garden spray filled with 1 liters of water
● Low pressure A/C Cleaner (about 5 litters of water)
● Washing bag & Sewage collecting bucket
● Curing film
● ABUTORI 15g-30g( measuring spoon applied )
1. Apply 15g (1/2 spoon) of ABUYUTORI to spray bottle filled with 1 liter of water
(spray bottle not included) and mix them well.
If the air conditioner is very dirty, apply 30g (1 full spoon).
2. Protect all electrical component with curing film to avoid water entrance. Then
apply washing bag to AC unit.
3. Spray all full bottle ( 1 Liter ) to aluminum fin & fan.
If rinsing is insufficient, there is a case of white spots found from
4. Rinse well with plenty of water using low pressure A/C Cleaner .
remaining detergent.
Using high pressure Jet cleaner can cause aluminium fin collapsing.

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